Let's first determine your needs. Opensource software is very versatile and helps you to achieve your goals without having to compromise your privacy.

I consult you on the different possibilites and help you bringing them into Reality.

Tools to work together

At everything is Opensource and Cross-Platform with a Web-Interface.

Own your data. Do not share it with anonymous corporations. Rent a server and run good and tested Opensource Tools.

Following is a List of my favourite Web-enabled Opensource Tools.
Some are hosted on

  • Nextcloud is like "Dropbox" where you have full privacy and ownership
  • Gitea - a Opensource Git WebApp to organise your Code. a copy lifes on
  • Matomo - a google Analytics Alternative without the need to share your insights
    If you host it on your own domain, you do not need these awful "Cookie Consent Banners", because there are no foreign cookies.
  • Element is your encrypted Alternative to Slack.
    The Communication Network Matrix behind it is sponsored by the french state and used for sensible data by the german healthcare Industry.
  • Taiga is a simple but powerful Project Management System.
  • Penpot is the first Open Source design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams and works with open web standards (SVG). 

Find a software that fits and respects your privacy at the same time. helps you install, customize and run all of the above Tools.

Own your Data - protect the privacy of your customers.

Custom Application with a Web Interface

Standard software does not fit your data and/or Workflow?
By using strong frameworks we can build a tailor fit solution for you with reasonable costs.
By using open standards and popular frameworks there will be no customer lock in.

Custom Example:

  • Product Catalog - Usable for the Website and connected to Invoices etc. (Enter once, use multiple times)
  • Custom Workflow
    Offer > Order > Pickup List > Invoice
    You always know whats open, and what's done
    Each step creates a Standard Office Document to customize or print.
  • Adressboook for all your clients and contacts - connected to the Document Workflow of course
  • Payments: Have a clear overview of payments from your customers and create dunning with a simple click
  • Inventory Management - Know exactly what's in your warehouses

Tools to reach out

Website with a CMS

Opensource only - you own all data - no license fees

Your own social media

Your own home in the fediverse

  • Mastodon - Like Twitter but you own your data and identity.
    Allow Humans to follow you in a privacy fiendly way.
    Much more playful? Maybe Misskey would be a good fit
  • Pixelfeed - Run your own Instagram clone