Multi-destination streaming or simulcasting


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You wanna reach the maximum Number of People with a stream?
Best Strategy is to stream to as many platforms simultaneously as possible. Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter your own website and more - all at the same time!

Let's dive into Multi-destination streaming.

This Article shows possibilities and gives you the right hints to do Multi-destination Streaming on your own.

3 possible Solutions

  1. Directly simulcast from your PC
    1. Downside: You need additional Internet Capacity for every additional Channel.
    2. Very heavy on your Streaming PC
  2. Pay a Service like to do the simulcast
    1. Technically almost the same as point 3
  3. Host your own Multi-destination streaming server
    1. That's what I will explain in the most Detail.

 Spoiler: I recommend Obtion B or C.

Step 1 - Choose your Source

What and how do you want to stream? Choose Content and a Source!
I recommend using OBS as a streaming source. Give it a try.

Step 2 - Prepare Simulcast

  1.  Install simulcast Plugin - follow their instructions - I will not explain this Variant any further.
  2.  Make a free account at - this will be more than enough to test your own setup.
    1. Connect your Destinations like Youtube, Twitch etc.
  3.  Host your own Simulcast Server
    1. Install Restreamer from datarhei
    2. Create a Channel and connect your Destinations

 I'll Explain Variant C a bit.

Log into your new Restreamer Server. Create a Channel and connect your Destinations like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc...

The collection of services Restreamer can connect to is quite impressive.  (Some of these are not included in free - rtsp/rtmp for example)


Step 3 - Chain it all together

Source - Simulcast Server - Multiple Streaming Destinations

In OBS and most other Software the standard ist just streaming to one Platform.
Just got to "Preferences" -> "Stream" and choose your Destination.

Variant B and C work exactly the same on the Source Side.

Just enter your own Server or the one as the Destination - the simulcast will then be done by your server


Now test it all out!

  1. Start your Stream in OBS
    1. Is it green? Is data reching your choosen simulcast server?
  2. Open your Simulcast Server and choose your destinations
    1. Are they reachable?
    2. Status ok on all of them?
  3. Now check your Destinations
    1. is Everything up on Youtube/Twitch et all simultaniously?


Kudos. You are now a Simulcaster!



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